Bouncing Ball Lab Pack (12 kits)

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Students produce 24 bouncing balls from PVA powder and water


Product Description

What a great introduction to polymers! 

This pack is a very economical option to produce 24 bouncing balls from 12 moulds, powder and water.  Students simply pour the coloured powder into the plastic mould and submerge it in water for one minute to polymerize. Then open the mould and Voila! each student has created his / her own high bounce ball.

Each pack has chemicals to prepare at least 24 round balls. The polymer powder is 99.5% polyvinyl alcohol (PVA),  with a minute quantity of borax (0.05%) added to facilitate cross-linking.  Safe to be handled by children.

We have a single Bouncing Ball Kit available too.

Included: Polymer powder, ball moulds (12) and instructions.
Safety: The powder is 99% PVA with a 1% cross linking agent.  Safe to use.
Teach: Polymerization, polymers, chemical bonding
Age: 6+


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